Flash games
Digital version of the ancient game Khun Phaen (aka Century Puzzl) that was created in 1975 by John Horton Conway Khun, is made of a set of movable pieces that can slide inside a 4x5 board. The big black sqare block, Khun Phaen, has to overtake nine warders and reach final position indicated by printed dragon on the wooden bottom of the board. Minimum number of moves is 81.  

This game could be considered a bi-dimensional version of the tri-dimensional game of Rubick. Rotate the circles to recompose the nine coloured wheels. Four game levels. 

Aim of the game is to bring dragon piece to arrival position. The arrival position is indicated by dragon symbol on the wooden basis of the game.

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The most famous mobile-blocks game. 15 tiles to move and to replace in the right order.

In this you have to invert the white pieces with the black ones. This game was invented by Henry Dudeney, the famouse english games expert, in 1910.

Ma is the digital version of game Ma and Boy, one of the first not-square-shape-pieces sliding-game.Join the two L blocks (in the original versione called "Ma" and "Boy") to win.